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How Can High-Achievers Prepare to Become Leaders High-achievers are quick to figure out the rules. These are the people who breeze through school because they take the time to dissect what teachers are looking for. These people might do the same thing when obtaining an entry-level position… Read More
When Leadership’s Personal Baggage Stifles the Company’s Growth Unfortunately, the people around us suffer the most from personal baggage. This baggage manifests as a hostile, toxic, or otherwise uncomfortable work environment. Not only does this toxicity trickle down to immediate team members, but it also seeps through an… Read More
This Is What We Often Overlook About Leadership It’s rare that we understand our actions or bother to wonder why we acted the way that we did. Taking the time to stop and think about how we really feel about any given situation is something that most of… Read More
Three Steps to Becoming a Great Leader Radical self-inquiry is how we learn to become more of ourselves, more like ourselves, more authentic. More human. And better humans are better leaders. This is what great leaders do. Great leaders look unflinchingly in the mirror and transform untamed… Read More
6 Questions You Must Ask Yourself to be a Better Leader Looking for a handful of questions to ask yourself in order to become a better leader is looking for that roadmap or magic wand. There’s no set number of questions, either, because the point of Rebooting is to consistently and… Read More
Great Leadership Requires Radical Self-Inquiry Leaders are supposed to have the answers; they’re supposed to know how to do things, but very few leaders know why those decisions are made. It’s impossible to know the “why” without first understanding the “who.” Every decision a leader… Read More
Why Growing Up Is Essential to Becoming a Successful Leader Learning to lead is tough. But within that difficult practice is the opportunity to confront the various aspects of ourselves that have held us back from realizing our full human, potential. You can’t avoid facing your own baggage and learning… Read More
The Leadership Formula: How to Grow Up, Reboot, and Lead As often happens, I hit upon the insight I needed when I wasn’t searching for it. A few years back I was pacing the room, thinking about the talk I was about to give. There were thirty people in stiff,… Read More
Reboot Your Board “My biggest advice would be that you get the Board you deserve. Meaning, if you don’t work to make a great board, one that is diverse, with multiple independents, not full to the brim with investors, and has real leadership… Read More
What’s Love Got To Do With It? What’s love got to do, got to do with it What’s love but a second hand emotion What’s love got to do, got to do with it Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken I’ve been taking… Read More
Know You Are Not Alone A few months back, I sent a note to the participants at the launch of our first facilitated peer group. In the note I said that a core tenet of everything we do is the belief that sharing experiences with… Read More
Building Castles and Slaying Dragons “Why are you so obsessed with this good man thing?” she asks, her voice tinged with a mix of fear and frustration. Perhaps she’s tired of my loss. Perhaps she sees in me what I fail to see and, so,… Read More